Mitsumasa Kadota

2022.05.13 Fri - 6.11 Sat

Tezukayama Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition SUPER PRISM by Mitsumasa Kadota. Opening day is May 13th.

Kadota was born in 1980 in Shizuoka, and he is currently based in Saitama prefecture. He has been presenting abstract paintings with various materials and colors with the theme of inquiring into painting expression possibilities and indentities. He is one of the artists who has drawn attention to his achievements and works and his work was collected by the Sezon Museum of Modern Art. He presented works that he painted over his old works of him and beyond several contexts in 2019. The passionate stroke shows his strong inquisitiveness towards painting.

At this exhibition, we will present the new works that focus on the multiplicity of the painting by Kadota, who is seeking the essence of the painting. We will exhibit the work that has evolved from the TAMENTAI series that he examined about multiplicity. What will he show us in this world filled with an overwhelming amount of information and opinions that have added more chaos to it?