Solidaholic 固体中毒

Solidaholic 固体中毒

Kazuma Koike/Kenta Konno/Michiko Nakatani/Ayano Nanakarage

2023.11.24 Fri - 2023.12.23 Sat

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY-VIEWING ROOM is pleased to present “Solidaholic”, an exhibition of sculptures by Kazuma Koike, Kenta Konno, Michiko Nakatani and Ayano Nanakarage.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Solidaholic’, was coined during the artists’ dialogue about the exhibition, and it combined the words ‘Solid’ , and ‘Holic’, as ‘addiction’. Solid” also means “certain/pure [in material, color]” and has an affinity with “sculpture”. When force is applied to a material and a tense, condensed form is obtained, the material becomes solid, a sculpture. “Solidaholic” – the name of the exhibition conveys the enthusiasm of the artists, who are obsessed with the crippling “sculpture” that cannot be separated from the materiality of materials and forms.

Koike, who organized the exhibition, says: “There are many fascinating artists of my generation who continue to search for their unique sculptural expression. Their characteristics and individuality are so pronounced that is instantly recognizable. The four artists in this exhibition each handle different sculptural primitive materials – ceramic, stone, plaster and wood – with a light touch. However, by seeking out and carefully arranging the ‘something’ that connects each piece, we hope to create a rare space of repulsion, tension, connection and sharing.” He states. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the exhibition space of four artists who continue exploring sculpture in the contemporary age.