MIKADO2- My baby collection

MIKADO2- My baby collection

Shuhei Yamada / Kazuma Koike / Mitsuo Kim / Keisuke Jimba

2022.11.25 Fri - 2022.12.24 Sat

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to announce the group exhibition “MIKADO2 – My baby collection”.

MIKADO2 started their own activities in 2021 with the purpose of creating the exhibition that has center-less structure. The members are Shuhei Yamada, Kazuma Koike, Mitsuo Kim, and Keisuke Jinba.

At the first exhibition of MIKADO2 (Zuiunan, Kyoto/2021), their theme was “curation by not curating”, which means “absence of curator”.

MIKADO is a name for Pocky(Japanese snack) in Europe, also a name of a game where they use bamboo sticks, and it represents Japanese Emperor at the same time. This word has multiple meanings to refer to. Normally, the curator creates the exhibition by gathering the artwork under one theme(head towards to the main meaning) however, learning from the word MIKADO, which refers to multiple phenomena, we aimed to give the exhibition a structure that does not converge on a single theme.

This time, the second time, the exhibition will be held with the theme of “absence of collectors”, which is a collection exhibition of fictitious collectors. A Japanese-American male (female) collector living in Hawaii, who only collects the works of the members of MIKADO2, will present his (her) ideal collection room to the audience. We aim to create an exhibition where fiction and non-fiction intertwine.

Please take this opportunity to come visit the MIKADO2.


Cooperation: graf studio, Osaka

Support: LEESAYA, Tokyo