In the corner of the page

In the corner of the page

Saya Mimura

2022.9.16 fri - 10.15 sat

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition, In the corner of the edge, by Saya Mimura at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY from September 16th(Fri) to October 15th(Sat).

Saya Mimura is an artist who was born in 1997 and spent six years in Kyoto until she finished her master’s degree and is now based in the Mie Prefecture, where she was born. She has been creating work using daily casual moments or scenes as subjects, implying the lyrical element and recomposing those into several methods or textures on her work’s surface since she was in college.

She creates the drawings based on pictures that she takes of ephemeral scenes such as shadows that appear in sunlight, sounds of trees that are shaken by the wind, the temperature felt by skin, or smells of the air and converts those into smooth lines of the silkscreen, rhythmical light-touched brush strokes, or soft colors on the canvas. And different textures such as glossy surfaces of work with resin, matte surfaces with acrylic, or particulate colored surfaces made of base materials are efficiently placed in one work, and it has several visual experiences in the picture. The attitude moving towards completing the artwork by placing the physical process shows the artist’s intention of trying to grab the ephemeral, untouchable existence.

This exhibition will be the first by Saya Mimura at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY after she finishes her master’s degree. We will exhibit the fifteen works with large paintings.

Please look forward to seeing Saya Mimura in the corner of the edge.


[Artist Statement]

I make drawings just like I take a memo when I first start creating my work.

I just move my hands first when I draw, just like fiddling with my hands when I am calling with my friends or listening to some boring class.

Things I draw are scenes that I’m interested in for no reason. Those scenes are very normal and blended into daily life, but I think they are beautiful moments that appear when the light shines, is blown by the wind, or I/you are here.

I’d like to create a time when unremarkable things on the outskirts of life will have meaning for them.

Saya Mimura