Line and Territory

Line and Territory

Dominique Lutringer

2014.10.17 Fri-2014.11.8 Sat

Tezukayama Gallery is pleased to present French artist, Dominique Lutringer’ s solo exhibition ‘Line and

Territory’ from 17th October ‒ 8th November 2014.

Dominique is originally from France, with a German father and a French mother. He moved to Japan in 1992. As a European artist, with an interest in Japanese culture and emersion in it since he was of a young age, he has the ability to observe Japan in unique ways.

This exhibition of new work explores the physical, social and psychological landscapes of Japan, and also the forms, mediums, subtlety, and tone of Japanese aesthetics.
Created using a ballpoint pen on Japanese paper, with a delicacy and light-hearted rhythm, Dominique’ s unique expressions awaken a new awareness.

[Artist’s Concept]

Immersed in the beauty of a thing, there comes a moment when its abstract shape emerges.

The object may be anything: a landscape, an artwork, Japanese traditional design, the various shapes that human life impresses on the world. All these reveal an abstract model.

The works in this exhibition, “Line and Territory, were inspired by the title of Michel Houellebecq’s “The Map and the Territory.

In the territory that is created by the drawn line on white paper elements of the abstract space of which I speak are assembled like buildings.
The spaces between things (ma in Japanese) are as important as the things themselves. The act of filling the screen is at the same time creation of blank spaces.