Tomoko Sakumoto

2016.04.08 Fri-2016.04.30 Sat

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY will hold an exhibition of work by Tomoko Sakumoto.

Tomoko Sakumoto, born in Okayama Prefecture in 1978, creates three-dimensional porcelain works. She studied pottery at university and teaches ceramics at the University of Okayama. She is, without being tied to the world, exploring her own original expression. As a result, she brings us into a unique world. Using a plaster mold for each color and then stacking each casting, Sakumoto creates striped, eye-catching sculptures. In addition, by baking at high temperatures, a sense of transparency is produced.

At a glance, the stacking techniques and style of pro-duction would be difficult to understand. But the style is the result of Sakumoto sticking to and focusing on

her chosen medium as she broadens the possibilities of porcelain, and in doing so, her work has become iconic.
It can also be said that her pottery, rather than being intended for practical purposes, are traveling beyond the genre of pottery or sculpture.

In this exhibition, the main display will be a host of work on the wall of the gallery viewed from before even entering the space. Through this configuration, the imagination of the viewer will be stirred. With an abundance of new works, we plan to exhibit about 20 works in total.

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY has expanded with a new space next door to the existing space, which will also be open during Sakumoto’s exhibition. In the new space, we have scheduled to exhibit a collection of works by the galleries’ represented artists.