Directors’ Selection – FOCUS

Directors’ Selection – FOCUS

Takeshi Kimura / Takuro Sugiyama / Yasuko Hirano

2022.01.21 Fri - 2022.02.19 Sat

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to present our next group exhibition “Director’s Selection – FOCUS” by Takeshi Kimura, Takuro Sugiyama, and Yasuko Hirano. 

This exhibition is the one that three directors from TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY will pick one artist each with their own point of view and thought and introduce at this exhibition. We held this exhibition in 2013, 2017, 2018, and 2020 and this is the 5th time of the exhibition with the same concept. Kimura was born in Miyagi prefecture and themed in human’s internal factors, surrounding environment, and the connection to society. He will exhibit his new work of bronze sculpture and other works at this exhibition. Sugiyama was born in Chiba prefecture and he eliminate the artist’s imagination or subjective thoughts from his work and make the audience feel this tense atmosphere from it. Hirano was born in Toyama prefecture and produces the painting that causes to feel exceedingly deep space from several hues that are being thin-layered. 

How will they harmonize their own characteristics? Please take this opportunity to see this mixture of the artists. 


【Artist’s Information】

Takeshi Kimura

Kimura was born in Tokyo in 1980 and grew up in Miyagi. Finished a master’s program at Tama Art University. In the cultural anthropology field, there is a word called “外臓(Gaizo)” and it means “the surrounding environment is the inverted side of your own body”. From the point of view of “Gaizo”, he tries to connect local food cultures and the natural environment that surrounds us with his own creations and tries to grasp the characteristics including plasticity that connotes sculpting as a surrounding environment which includes society aspects with his creation. His main solo exhibitions are “IN CONCRETE”(FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, 2017), “N.E.blood 21 vol.60”(Rias Ark Museum, 2017), and his main group exhibitions are, “9th Emerging Artists Exhibition”(Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atria, 2020), “Rokko Meets Art”(Mt.Rokko, 2020), “ART MIYAGI 2019”(The Miyagi Museum of Art, 2019), “Art of Akita 2016”(Akita Museum of Art, 2016), Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial KAMIKOANI PROJECT AKITA 2015(Kamikoani-mura, Akita prefecture, 2015).    

Takuro Sugiyama

Sugiyama was born in Chiba prefecture in 1983. Currently living in Hyogo prefecture. Finished a course at Osaka College of Art. Dismissing the imagination or impulse that occurs in front of the canvas and repeating and reconstructing the line and surface to create a painting. In terms of making an image, using the creating method has minimized the artist’s intervention. He does not require the masking tape to draw his painting however, the “technique” is not even his appeal or anything and his goal takes the furthest distance from it. 
His main solo exhibitions are, “periphery and the method”(Godaisan Chikurinji, 2017), “LOOP”(ASYL, 2014), and his main group exhibitions are, “Settings and Contacts”(Nii Fine Arts Tokyo, 2021), “SPR”(FINCH ARTS, 2020), “paint()ings”(Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, 2018), “Enokojima Art Days 2017 OTHER WAYS”(Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka Prefecture / enoco, 2017). 

Yasuko Hirano

Hirano was born in Toyama prefecture in 1985. Currently living in Kanagawa prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University. There is a “scenery” deep in the works thus, she started noticing the space or phenomenon that occurred by the act of layering the paints. She creates her works in order to give strength to the point of view that she had while she creates or uncertain matter. Her main solo exhibitions are, “Twilight”(Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery, 2019), “Twilight”(Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery, 2012), “To be called”(Gallery PARC, 2018), “Uncertain Map”(CALM &PUNK GALLERY, 2018), “Yasuko Hirano: Unfold Room”(Gallery stoop, 2020), and her main group exhibitions are, “VOCA 2015”(The Ueno Royal Museum, 2015), “New Positions 2021”(Taguchi Fine Art, 2021).