Collectors’ Collective vol.6 Osaka

Collectors’ Collective vol.6 Osaka

Variable Artists

2022.01.21 Fri - 2022.02.19 Sat

[About Collectors’ Collective]

This exhibition is the collectors’ exhibition which will be held by three collectors from West Japan that involve actively with artists and other collectors.

The main difference compare to the other collectors’ exhibitions is that visitors can purchase the artworks that are being exhibited.

We will not only show the collections of collectors and their favorite works with their palatability but also provide the opportunities to purchase the new artwork from the artists that they are keeping their eyes on now.  


[Two characteristics of this exhibition]

1)Three collectors will exhibit their collections.
2)Three collectors will pick the newsworthy artists of 2022. 15 artists will reveal their new works and sell them.


[Participating Collectors & Artists]

Collector: Ryoji Shimizu
Artist: Maiko Iguchi / Honami Koshida / Momoka Nakamura / Atsuki Fujimoto / Mamie Yamamoto

Collector: Hirokazu Nara
Artist: Hayaki Nishigaki/ Fumiya Hirota / Yuzuho Matsuoka / Koga Miura / Minori

Collector: Kei Makino
Artist: Midori Arai / Sayaka Takabatake / Jusmin Noda / Taketo Mori / Shisa Yoshimi